How many Bibles Do You Use For Study?

IMG_4493Years ago I held a Bible Study for women in my home. Once a week about 10 to 12 ladies would gather around my kitchen table as we read and discussed passages from the Bible. In preparation for this study each week I would work with many different Bible Translations and commentaries. This has always been one of loves, studying and teaching about the Bible. I recently came across this short article and photos from the “” website

“Billy Graham was often asked who the greatest Christian he knew was. He would always answer, “Ruth.”

Part of her love for the Lord, was the love of His Word.

“It’s a great thing to have a wife who believes what you believe and who is a great student herself. She is a much better theologian than I am and she studies all the time. She’s got one of the finest libraries that you could imagine and she usually keeps about 20 translations of the Bible on her desk,” said Billy.

Ruth recalling her Bible study time in her book It’s My Turn:

“If a busy housewife has to clear off a spot for Bible study during a crowded day, she is likely to put it off. But if she has a place where her Bible is always open and handy, whenever there is a lull in the storm she can grab a cup of coffee and sit down for a few minutes or more of pure refreshment and companionship.”.”

While I don’t use 20 translations of the Bible, I do use probably 10 or 12 different translations as I study each day. My favorite is the New King James Bible; but I am also very fond of the New American Standard Bible (especially for Inductive Studies); the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible for Women; and the English Standard Version by Crossway.

What is your favorite Bible version?

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