Live Life – Your Way!

Life can be either chaotic or it can be peaceful. Life can be either full of pain or it can be full of life. Life can be either sad or it can be happy. The choices are all yours. No one can choose the kind of life you are going to live, except for you. That is the way it should be. But too often we allow others to dictate our life.

Though my childhood was full of chaos, pain, and very sad, I have chosen to make it peaceful, full of life, and very happy. Others might choose differently, but my choices have always been to live a life that is fulfilling, that is productive, and that is concerned about my fellow man or woman.

Through the years I have worked hard to get where I am. I have studied, and continue to do so, I have learned through success, and yes, failure. I have grown, educated myself, and am now able to say proudly that I own several very successful internet businesses, write articles, fiction, and poetry, and am also able to write Five Blogs on a regular basis. Sometime in the near future I shall also write a Blog about my other activities.

You might ask how all this is accomplished in a 24 hour day. I am not going to say it is easy, but it can be done. It has been written that Martha Stewart rises before the sun, well-rested and ultra-perky at 3:30 am. This could be secret to her success as a businesswoman.

My get up time is somewhere between 3 and 4 AM.  My husband and I go to our library and have our morning wake-up drinks – his Starbucks Coffee made in a French Press, mine either tea with lemon or, if I had a bad night,  one of the flavored latte coffee mixes (almost like having hot chocolate). We sit quietly together for an hour or so, drinking our drinks and watching the current news (is the world still here?). When the news becomes boring, we both turn to our I Pads to catch up on national news, our favorite blogs, or whatever catches our fancy. We also talk about the day and what we plan to do. This is our getting up time and planning time.

After dressing and eating breakfast, we always eat breakfast, work begins. And this is where we part company – my husband doing his thing, and me doing mine.

I spend the next several hours answering e-mails, sending confirmation for reservations, and writing articles. You might ask what tools I use to keep myself organized. And, as always, I am happy to tell you.

First, I use 2 smart phones – one for our main business and one for other businesses,  blogs, etc.

Secondly, I keep a calendar in my computer. But not wanting to rely only on electronics, too often they fail, I also keep a business calendar in a Moleskine Yearbook and appointments that are only concerning my time, in my personal Filofax. If this sounds like a lot of duplication, it is but it is also a way to be confident nothing falls through the cracks.

In addition to the calendars, I have a Franklin Covey Binder that I use as a household binder (In an almost Jadite Green to match my collection of Jadite Dishes) – having an organized household is one of the secrets to having a successful life. You can find a lot of information on this at –

My FiloFax Personal Domino is used as my pain management book. This is where I add information and articles on helping my chronic pain situation. I have a Franklin Burgundy Binder for a new study class on the internet and a Day-Timer Tapestry and Leather Binder for articles and instructions on hand-made jewelry for my “Vegas Attitude – Flaunt It Responsibly”  line of bracelets. (If you want to see some great hand-made bracelets and necklaces by Tanya Lochridge – I own 6 of them – go to this link – )

Third, instead of using an ordinary “to do” list, I use the Behance Action Method for keeping track of projects, i.e. – web site updates, blogs, conferences that I am planning, etc.  Using only action verbs, this method makes me take action in logical steps. However, I don’t let this stress me out. I am in control, not my list.

Several years ago – Martha Stewart turned me on to the Circa System and I use it extensively. For each writing project I have a separate Circa Notebook, for my film projects I have Circa Storyboard Notebooks, and for my Special Topic Studies I put all the lessons in the Circa System.

The key word here is “Organization”.

Fourth, I cannot be everything to everyone, nor can I be everywhere. I learned when I was quite young that some people will always like me, some people will only like me if I do what they want, and some people will never like me. And I am okay with that. I don’t have to have everyone like me – after all, I certainly don’t like everyone I meet. I can love all of God’s people, but I don’t have to like them. Or as Jacques Delille has said “Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends.”

So, there is just a sampling of my organized life. It really is quite simple, and it allows me to accomplish more in one day than some women do in a week. Yet, I never feel stressed out or overworked.

And the great thing is that I am living the life I want to live – and doing only the things I want to do. How Blest I Am!

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